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We can delete posts on their website and push down ComplaintBox videos on YouTube.

The removal service is fully guaranteed, you only pay in full when you see that your post is deleted from the site.

The suppression of ComplaintBox videos is very affordable and there are no long term commitments.

Contact us for a private consultation and quote.

  1. What Is
  2. How Does Content Get On
  3. How Does Removal Work?
  4. How Does Video Suppression Work?
  5. Summary

What Is was founded on May 24, 2023, according to data on

It appears to be just one more website that posts nothing but bad news and drama, like RipOff Report.

When new articles appear on ComplaintBox, two things happen:

  1. A page gets posted to the website
  2. A video gets posted to YouTube

Let’s look at the threat of each of these to your online reputation:

A page gets posted to the website

Since this website is so new, individual pages on ComplaintBox don’t rank that well organically in Google.

But I suspect this will change in the future because the posts I spot checked on the site were lengthy and well-written.

Long, unique content ranks well in Google and whoever is writing the posts is doing a good job, in my opinion.

Many of the pages contain a table of contents, images, videos, and/or PDFs which help to add value for readers.

All of these attributes also help Googlebot index pages faster and rank it better.

Frankly, I love to hate sites like these, but they’re doing a nice job with content.

I believe it’s only a matter of time before posts on the site begin ranking higher.

A video gets posted to YouTube

Many of the posts on ComplaintBox are also turned into videos.

Again, the quality of the videos is really good.

While it does appear that AI plays a role in the creation and overdub, the videos contain stock footage, video snippets, and graphics that make them look professional.

So, when a ComplaintBox video gets posted to YouTube, it can rank well for a couple of reasons:

  • YouTube is a strong platform with high domain authority
  • The videos are quality and well-optimized

Right now, the videos rank well and are the biggest reputation issue for people who’ve been targeted by the website’s owners.

How Does Content Get On

It looks like ComplaintBox editors are getting their content ideas from other sites like Gripeo, which features “hit piece” style content.

This is common practice.

When we find negative content about an individual or business online, we usually see similar content appearing in multiple places, and usually about the same thing.

While this technically isn’t “scraping,” it does appear that the ComplaintBox team is originating a lot of it’s content by looking at other complaint websites and reformulating the content for their own site.

I’d suspect that as time goes on and ComplaintBox becomes more popular, the site will feature more user generated content.

How Does Removal Work?

Removal of posts about you on is 100% guaranteed.

If you find a story about yourself on the site and you want it gone forever, contact us and we’ll get it done.

Here are the steps to Delete articles:

  1. Contact us at
  2. Include the link to your story on ComplaintBox
  3. Your story will be removed with 1-2 weeks, should you wish to proceed

How Does Video Suppression Work?

Suppression is the process of pushing down links in Google which is described in more detail in our post: How To Bury Negative Search Results

In short, we create fresh, positive content that outranks the negative links.

In the case of ComplaintBox, the main thing that needs to be pushed down are the videos about you which have been published to YouTube.

We use all of the strategies at our disposal to suppress the video as deep as you want it.

Our monthly suppression prices are affordable and effective – and we don’t lock you into long term contracts.


Overall, the content and video quality of is impressive.

The staff is doing a good job of pushing out quality content that I believe will only grow in popularity with users and search engines as the site ages.

The most immediate threat is their videos, which we can push down in Google, using our affordable strategies.

If you’d like to get posts deleted from the website itself, we can guarantee removal, also at an affordable price.

We look forward to helping you restore your online reputation by clearing up threats.