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complaints board screenshot refers to itself as “the most trusted and popular” website for consumer complaints, but as many business owners have discovered, this statement is far from the truth.

Users can post complaints on the site anonymously without administrative review, and these reviews can quickly appear in Google search results for the business.

Unfortunately, this means that your business may be the target of defamatory and untruthful posts that could be damaging to your business.

If you are the target of a false post, our dedicated team can help you to remove it or push it down to improve your business reputation in Google and other search engines.

Complaints Board is a consumer activist site that gives users a platform to share their frustrations, vent, and identify bad business practices.

While this is a good way to help others to avoid legitimately bad businesses, it is difficult to determine how accurate the reviews are. This has led to innocent people who run legitimate businesses to have their name dragged through the mud.

Looking through the Complaints Board website, it would appear that there are a lot of unsatisfied consumers out there.

However, many of the complaints are clearly from non-native English speakers, as evidenced by the poor quality of writing.

This indicates that the complaints are not being reviewed before they are submitted, and the fact that many of them are posted anonymously shows that they are written for the sole purpose of slandering other businesses.

What To Do If You Notice a Negative Complaints Board Review

If you notice that a negative review has been posted about your business on, there are several steps that you should take to get the listing removed.

The first thing that you should always do is to contact the author of the poor review, as Complaints Board users have the option of altering and deleting their listings.

Simply click on the user name and send a message to send a note privately.

If you are able to resolve your issue and come to a mutual agreement, the user may remove the post from the Complaints Board website on their own.

If your attempts at contacting the user fail, your next step should be to contact Complaints Board directly.

You’ll need to create your own account, so that you can contact the administrators.

If this avenue also fails, you should seek legal representation to discuss your rights and options.

We provide an affordable service using an experienced legal team to help you remove fake and unwanted posts.

After all, we’re the original affordable reputation management company you can trust for great work and lower prices than big agencies.

Will My Business Reputation Recover?

Not only can we help you to remove a negative Complaints Board review at an affordable price, but we can also help you to use positive techniques in reputation management that will add web content that accurately portrays you and your business.

Instead of fighting false reviews, we’ll help you to take a proactive approach to maintaining a positive online reputation.

You don’t need to be haunted by a negative and defamatory Complaints Board review. Contact us for assistance in removing it and to start your journey toward a positive online reputation for your business.