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  1. What Is Wikipedia?
  2. Wikipedia and Online Reputation Management
  3. Who Can Edit Wikipedia?
  4. How To Edit Wikipedia Pages
  5. Why Can’t I Edit Wikipedia?
  6. Wrapping It Up

What Is Wikipedia?

Perhaps one of the most authoritative and well-known websites on the internet, Wikipedia.org was founded in 2001 by Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger.

As a non-profit, the site is updated and maintained by its editors.

What makes the site so trustworthy is that all claims must be backed up by proof.

That’s why you see so many hyperlinks on the site – every data point must be verified as true.

Check out all of the footnotes in these two paragraphs from the early life of my boyhood idol, Brooks Robinson.

Practically every sentence is substantiated with proof of where it came from.

brooks robinson early life wikipedia

Further, according to Wikipedia, edits are only approved when after two admins believe the change is a value contribution.

It’s this deep level of “fact checking” that makes Wikipedia such a trusted source, much like how we trusted the Encyclopedia Britannica before the world wide web came along.

Wikipedia and Online Reputation Management

The reason Wikipedia is so important to an individual’s or company’s online reputation is because of it’s ranking power.

Google almost anyone or any company and you will usually see their Wikipedia page in the top 10 search results.

I recently Googled a view random people and companies; take a look at where their Wikipedia page ranked.

  • Brad Pitt #2
  • Pepsi Cola #2
  • Beyonce #2
  • IBM #2
  • Elon Musk #1
  • Joe Rogan #2
  • Barack Obama #2
  • Facebook #4

I Googled “Google” and Wikipedia was #17, but that’s because the first 16 results were all results from Google.com and it’s various sub-domains.

It’s safe to say that if you actually have a Wikipedia page for yourself, your business, or even your products, it’s likely to rank on page one of the search engines.

This is a good thing for most people and entities, assuming you like your Wikipedia page.

But what if there is something negative or something you feel is hurting your reputation?

Wikipedia is known for showing negative press articles and legal allegations on their pages, even if you are innocent.

We can correct problems like these for you, whether that means making edits to your page, or deleting your Wikipedia page altogether.

Who Can Edit Wikipedia?

According to Wikipedia’s own website, “anyone can edit nearly any page.”

I’m not going to get into the details of how to edit a Wikipedia page; you can easily find those instructions online.

But I will say that our service of editing or removing Wikipedia pages is for those of you who want something cleaned up, fast.

Please watch our video below to understand our methods and timeline.


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How To Edit Wikipedia Pages


As you can hear and see my watching the video, we have a contact who is able to successfully edit Wikipedia pages.

About 50% of edits are confirmed and completed.

You don’t pay for any edits we’re unable to complete.


Depending on your level of notoriety, it’s possible that we can get your page removed.

For well-known celebrities and politicians, this is not possible.

But if you’re not a common household name, full removal of your Wikipedia page is a definite possibility.

To see if you quality for removal, or to see exactly what edits we can make for you, please connect using the form on this page and provide as much detail as you can.

Please include the link to your Wikipedia page.

Please understand that we have to review your situation on a case-by-case basis.

We’ll quote you on what we can and cannot do, and you only pay for those items we successfully complete.

Why Can’t I Edit Wikipedia?

If you’re unable to make edits to your Wikipedia page, it’s possible that you’ve been blocked.

wikipedia - what is a block

Wikipedia has strict editorial policies to ensure the integrity of their site.

This keeps people from making wholesale changes to their (or any) page on the site, willy-nilly.

On Wikipedia’s website, they advise the most common causes of being blocked include:

  • Problems or concerns with your editing
  • Unsuitable username
  • Your IP matches an IP which has already been blocked
  • Using VPN’s or proxy services to hide your real IP

Of course, errors do happen and Wikipedia’s security technology is not fullproof.

If you’re unable to make edits, refer to this page for more information and for how to appeal the block.

Wrapping It Up

Wikipedia.org can be an online reputation nightmare, particularly if you’ve got negative press or have been involved in a lawsuit.

The site is diligent in it’s editorial capabilities and the editors ensure that all statements made on the site are cited in the bibliography that accompanies every page about a person, brand, or business.

With such stringent rules in place, it can be difficult to make edits yourself and nearly impossible to remove a Wikipedia page without professional help.

We work closely with Wikipedia editors to help you gain the outcome you want.

Most edits/removals can be accomplished within a couple weeks.

If you’ve tried other ways to clean up your personal or company Wikipedia page, we’d love to help you get it done.

Contact us for a no risk assessment.