How To Permanently Delete A Comment From Yahoo! Finance

It’s pretty easy to permanently delete and remove a negative, false, defamatory or fake comment from Yahoo! Finance. Just follow the steps below for flagging each comment.

Important Note: You will have to flag each comment 5-10 times and each one must be done from a different IP address using a different Yahoo user account. If this is too much work and you’d rather us do it for you, please contact us.

How To Flag A Comment For Deletion on Yahoo! Finance

1. Click on the 3 vertical dots in the upper right hand corner of the comment you want to delete

deleting a comment from yahoo finance step 1

2. Click on the “Report abuse” option.

delete comment from yahoo finance

3. Select one of the reasons under “Why didn’t you like this reaction?” and tap the blue Done button

reason for deleting yahoo finance comment

4. You’ll see a confirmation message, “Done! This post has been flagged. Thank you for reporting.”

flagging comment for deletion in yahoo finance

Things To Avoid When Flagging Yahoo! Finance Comments For Removal

If you’re trying to delete a Yahoo! Finance comment yourself, be sure to avoid these common mistakes.

  1. Don’t “Mute” the user. Muting will only hide the comment from your view. Others will still be able to see it.
  2. Use multiple accounts from different IPs. You have to use different accounts and you must be on different IP addresses. Sitting at home with the same IP address will not remove the comment because Yahoo! can detect your IP.
  3. Choose different reasons for removal. In step #3 above, it’s good practice to choose a different reason all the time. Remember, Yahoo! Finance algorithmically removes the comment after it has been flagged 5-10 times, so its a good idea to not give the same reason each time. You can see above how I provided a specific reason “These statements are lies, there is no proof of this.” as my Something else reason. In other instances, I either gave a different reason or simply checked “Looks like spam” or “Does not belong here.” You just want to mix it up so it looks natural.
  4. Don’t do all the flagging on the same day. Again, mix up your flags on different days, so that it looks natural. You don’t want to do anything that will trip the algorithm into thinking you are trying to manipulate it.

What Is Yahoo! Finance Used For?

According to Google, Yahoo! Finance is a forum which is part of Yahoo!’s network and provides financial news and data. Users can weigh in and provide comments (good or bad) on various stocks and wall street news. It’s easy to see how a particular stock’s value could potentially be influenced by comments from individuals who do or don’t like a particular stock or public company.

For beginning investors, they might be swayed to not invest in a stock based on the comments they see on Yahoo! Finance. Since comments do not appear to be moderated, anyone can say whatever they want without fear of their comment being edited.

As a reader, you have two options for removing specific comments. One quick way is to select the “Mute” option which will hide ALL comments from a particular user. While this does not delete the comments, it does at least hide them from your view while you’re logged into the site. This can be useful if you are sick of reading the rants/advice from a certain person.

The second option is to “Report Abuse” and this will immediately hide the single specific comment from a Yahoo! user. Note that this will not hide the users other comments, nor will your lone report of abuse delete the comment for good. You will need to flag it several times from different accounts using different IP addresses (different Wifi accounts) in order to permanently remove the comment from the website. Once you’ve successfully done this, no one will see the comment ever again.

Does Deleting A Comment Keep The User From Posting New Comments?

No. Unfortunately, there is no way to silence a particular user on Yahoo! Finance.

Nor is there a way to monitor future comments from a user. You’ll need to monitor the user periodically or setup a Google Alert which might help notify you of future comments.

How To View All Comments From A User?

If you click on a username, a pop-up box will show all of the comments that user has made. If you click the drop-down arrow to the right of “Newest Reactions,” you’ll see options for sorting the comments so you can quickly find the ones you want and flag them by tapping the 3 dots next to each disparaging comment.

view all comments from yahoo! finance user

Final Thoughts

Permanently deleting a comment from Yahoo! Finance is a good way to clean up your online reputation, especially if the article is ranking when you Google your name or company name.

False, slanderous and defamatory comments can wreak havoc on stock prices and financial news. Now you know exactly how to cleanup your online reputation by removing these comments forever, simply by following the steps at the top of this article.

If you want us to handle it for you, just drop us a line and be sure to include the link to the negative article and the comments you want deleted.